Ethereal Plunderer World of Warcraft TCG Loot Card Photo

The Ethereal Plunderer Loot card is redeemable via a scratch-off code for an exclusive full-size cosmetic pet. The Ethereal Soul Trader will follow your character around as you quest and down mobs in the search for loot, glory, and experience. Each time you down a mob, the Soul Trader will harvest the downed foe’s soul in a flash of electricity, selling it off to be used in far reaches of the Twisting Nether. Each experience-granting mob downed while the ethereal is active will give the player an amount of ethereal currency from the joint business venture, which can then be spent with the Soul Trader for fun cosmetic items and upgrades!

Six of the items make up the Soul Trader’s armor set, which will give your character the same cool threads as ethereals.

In addition to the armor set, the Soul Trader will offer the following items:

* Ethereal Essence Sphere-Leather balls might be fun to toss around when waiting for your friends, but the Essence Sphere will let you do it in style.

* Diluted Ethereum Essence-Since you’re getting to be all buddy-buddy with your new ethereal friend, he’s going to let you in on a small fraction of the hidden places ethereals can traverse. Your character will receive the ability to detect Lesser Invisibility, and while it won’t allow you to see other players, you will be able to see ghosts in front of places like Undercity or Raven Hill.

* Ethereal Liqueur-As they say, if you’re going to work hard, you should play hard too, and ethereals may be all business by day, but they know how to cut loose like the rest of us. This alcoholic beverage will get you drunk in a hurry, but be careful: drink too much, and your character might run around and start screaming.

* Ethereal Mutagen-These treats are used with your favorite cosmetic pets! Your pet will turn into a fierce Flesh Beast that will give you a fiercer companion to walk the world with.

Item Reviewed: Ethereal Plunderer World of Warcraft TCG Loot Card
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